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Jagex can argue that Mining & Smithing

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# 12.02.2018 - 09:08:12

Welcome to RSGOLDFAST! Today, our subject is Mining and Smithing in RS. There are some original views about it which from players on RS reddit. We are aiming to let you know what RS projects Jagex will explore in the future and give you some insight.Having Mining & Smithing be money-making skills is a short-lived goalSome players point out that Jagex can argue that Mining & Smithing should be money-making skills. To an extent, it is true. But Mining & Smithing can't compete with other top methods, which requires attention, risk, and skill. Having Mining & Smithing aim to be a competitive money-making skills will be a short-lived goal, and requires too much catering and maintenance from the developers. In a word, let Mining & Smithing best benefits be untradeable, and make it exclusive, while still providing moderate profit in coins.It may be useful to allow higher level Smithing to complementIn response to the issue of T90 Smithing gear versus T90 PvM sourced gear (Malevolent/Teralith), some players think it may be useful to allow higher level Smithing to complement, rather than override available armour. In other words, T90 Mining & Smithing to produce rare, potentially untradeable resources which can be used to temporarily improve and augment existing T90 gear. The bonuses reward need not be huge or even significant to encourage vast amounts of players to pursue these upgrades.Do you think these ideas make sense? Now you can express your ideas about the runescape Mining & Smithing on RS Twitter and join the conversation for episode 1. By the way, now that you have come to RSGOLDFAST, why not buy runescape gold cheap as well as osrs gold cheap for you? Kindly reminder that you can get up to 8% extra bonus recently. Have fun!

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